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Brand Font & Color Library

In many ways, technology has created a whole new world for us. The internet and social media have changed the dynamic between customers and companies. Small businesses do not prosper today using corporate entity dictating terms because now if we, as a society do not feel as though we have been heard, we can easily get on the internet and take our business elsewhere. No longer are the days when the customer has no voice. Social media has given everyone a voice so loud that modern companies have had to rethink their marketing direction. Companies now realize and understand the critical importance of a brand image.

I'll explain using a little psychology. Think about how humans interact with each other. Have you ever noticed sometimes, when you meet someone, that you just "click" right away? That is an innate ability our brains have in recognizing other humans that share characteristics and traits similar to our own. In other words, we like their "personality". On the other hand, each human has a "physical" type that we are attracted to as well. Using this premise; we, as humans, combine the way someone "looks" and the way they "act" to form friendships and relationships. We decide who we are going to give our loyalty to and spend time around. This combination of "looks" and "acts" is the definition of a brand image.

Brand Personality


Brand Identity

Brand personality is one of the key features of developing a brand image. Businesses' used to call this concept "relationship building". The way small businesses in the past gained loyal followers was by doing business face-to-face in which case they could convey the characteristics and behaviors that made their company who it was. Customers, in turn, were able to relate to the business' "personal characteristics and traits" thus creating repeating customers who promoted the business by word of mouth. The internet created a system where small businesses' could no longer depend solely on this.


"Brand personality" and "brand identity" are two interconnected tools that help in developing a desired brand image in the market. While "brand personality" strategizes how a brand would behave (or act) in the market, brand identity visualizes (or looks) this strategy, which in turn, results in developing a brand image.

There are many ways to come up with a brand personality. One way to develop a brand image is to use seasonal brand personalities. Each of the four seasons is broken down into particular characteristics and traits of a brand as well as a distinct "look" of each season.


I will give a summation of each of the season's personalities and looks below. For the micro-website design & development package, you can use this information to choose the season that most resonates with your company's mission, vision, goals, and brand image. I have created sample season personalities in collage form to allow you to "see" the personalities more clearly. Remember you will choose a font pairing and color theme that you would like me to use on your new website. When choosing the font, you don't have to stay with the colors on that collage. Feel free to pick color themes that match your style




Spring Brand Personality at a Glance

Spring Colors/Fonts

Summer Brand Personality at a Glance

Autumn Brand Personality at a Glance