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Small Business Solutions

Website Designs

Whether this is your first journey in having your own personal space online or you need a redesign for your small business website, I  would love to help you. My goal is to provide you with a website that is functional, fits your strategic business goals (both current and future), and is easy for your user to navigate.

You may have seen many website builders that state "Create your own website; it is easy" but they don't tell you about the aspects that must work together to create income for your business.

Check out the 2 different website packages I offer to see exactly what is included in each package. You may just be starting your small business and need the micro website package. Or maybe you have outgrown your current website. Either way, I design websites with your current goals in mind as well as leave room for the expansion of your business. 

Information architecture is the practice of organizing the information and content on a website for three reasons:

  • To make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for on your site

  • To allow search engines to crawl your website in a manner that leads to better search engine results

  • To guide your users to the call-to-actions you want them to see

See why small businesses need a website and how it can assist you in reaching your strategic short and long-term business goals.

Let me help you create or advance your brand strategy by combining your current and future strategic business goals with all the visual concepts housed in a brand style guide. I break branding down to include both the contextual and visual. Contextual branding includes your mission and vision statements as well as your company values and emotions. Visual branding includes logo, colors, fonts, images, and icons.


See the process I use for creating a visual brand identity for small businesses by clicking the button below and then give me a call or schedule a FREE 1 hour consult.

Visual Brand Identity

Branding is how you choose to articulate who your company is in the market. Creating an effective brand image will give you a competitive edge in the marketplace by increasing trust in your company, showing your customers how you differ from your competitors, and creating a communication network that facilitates positive customer service and happy employees.


Your brand image combines your "brand personality" and "brand identity". If your small business were a person, "brand personality" strategizes how a brand would behave (or act) in the market,  and "brand identity" visualizes (or looks) this strategy, which in turn, results in developing an overall brand image.


You WILL have a brand image in the marketplace whether you want to or not. This, in part, is due to technological advances allowing everyone to have a voice online. So you might as well create an original and accurate reputation for your business right from the beginning. Having a brand style guide that incorporates both parts of your brand image is key. I use a process that does just that!

Coming Soon

In the meantime, fill out the new project information form so we can get started on your small business website or visual brand identity.

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