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Visual Brand Identity Service

It's For You If:

  • You realize the necessity to create a unified brand identity that stands out from your competitors.

  • You read about my brand style guide and recognize that it rules out inconsistencies in your visual communication with your target customers. 

  • You want central guidelines that support your small business vision and mission. 

  • You desire to set standards and rules about your small business brand for future marketing campaigns.

  • You yearn to portray confidence in your small business.

  • You comprehend that your brand identity enables customers to immediately recognize your small business both on and offline. 

  • You want to make sure new employees use your brand material correctly.

  • you realize the importance of consistency and focus in your small business.

  • You are aware that a brand style guide can support marketing initiatives and reduce marketing costs.

  • You understand that a consistent visual brand identity goes hand in hand with creating your small business strategic short and long-term goals. 

  • When you look at my portfolio, you see how my style is unique and you want something unique to your small business too. 

  • Step 1 - New Project Information Form
    To start our journey, I ask that you complete the new project interview form. This form is important in making sure we are a good fit for one another. The new project form will not take a lot of time as it includes questions and topics that I am sure you have already thought about before you began your search for a website, branding, or graphic design services. The form also gives you the opportunity to list any questions you may have for me. I will let you know if I cannot meet all of your wants, goals, and needs. My goal of being authentic and transparent includes that we do not waste each other's time and resources. You can see more of my brand promise to evaluate if you think we will be a good match. You can also check out my portfolio so you can see some of my past design creations.
  • Step 2 - Website Strategy & Discovery Meeting
    After this brief initial phone consultation, and we have mutually agreed to move to the next phase, we will schedule an hour or so website strategy & discovery meeting to be done virtually or at a place convenient for you. I will send you the meeting form to fill out before our scheduled time as this meeting is very important. I will take the time to get to know you, your vision, and your goals by asking the right questions. Items discussed during this time include: Verification of your business objectives, competitors, and target market audience Prioritization of client project goals Examination of design and marketing considerations Determination of the project scope, content, website sections, and pages Discussion of the features/technologies to be used on your website Explanation of client responsibilities The decision of additional add-ons for the project Discussion of any other client considerations or concerns
  • Step 3 - Personalized Proposal and Statement of Work
    Because there are many variations and features to consider for website design and development, after the website discovery & strategy meeting, I will create a personalized client website proposal and price for you. The website proposal will include succinct objectives for the website project and review of the 3 phases with all deliverables used and created for website design and development. The proposal will also discuss the project management and communication process and information about ongoing support services offered. Finally, there is the personal estimated project duration and budget. Because of my attention to detail and streamlined process, this personalized proposal will be presented to you in a follow-up meeting. I believe in educating my clients and transparency in communication to relieve any concerns you may have from start to finish. If you agree with the proposal, I will create a personalized statement of work and email it to you for review and signature. The statement of work includes the website project and phases summary, each of the three project phase overview with rounds, revisions and deliverables explained along with the budget for that phase. The website design and development scope and a checklist for what is and is not included in this project are clearly defined. Project duration and budget are listed along with payment terms and the invoice schedule. Finally, there is the statement of work acceptance and signature page as well as legal terms and conditions.
  • Step 4 - Setup and Training
    Once I have received the signed statement of work from you, I will then set you up in the accounting and project management software and apps used. This is when I provide training in project management software. The extent depends on your familiarity with Google Apps and Flowmapp.
  • Step 5 Phases 1-3 of Website Design & Development
    By this step, you will understand each phase I use for website design and development and will know when each of the deliverables will be sent to you by communication through the project management apps used. Training for the Wix CMS platform is done at the end of step 5. I focus on customer service and flexibility, and I am available to you through email, video conferencing, chat, phone, and Google Apps project management system during this time.
  • Step 6 - Project Closure Meeting
    I want to ensure that you are fully satisfied. The project closure meeting is a great opportunity for me to get feedback on your website as well as the process I used for design and development. I am always striving to improve and your feedback means the world to me. I believe that successful projects are based on a collaborative effort between the designer and the client. I strive to provide a concierge level of service where my clients trust my process, leave the details to me, and have an experience that compels them to tell others about me.

Deliverables for Visual Brand Identity

Strategy icon

The objective of this phase is to solidify your small business mission, vision, and tagline/slogan. I will provide feedback after you have completed the toolkit for these processes if necessary. If not,  I will examine your current small business mission, vision, tagline/slogan to make sure they align with your short and long term goals.

DELIVERABLE  1 - contextual branding document

DELIVERABLE  2 - 3 mood boards with 2 revisions 

How I Can Help

I offer a visual brand identity service that includes creating a comprehensive brand style guide for your small business that incorporates both contextual and visual brand elements that align with your current and future strategic goals. My background, experience, and education in small business administration, internet marketing, leadership and management enable me to encompass the big picture for small businesses. Is it time to create or evaluate your online presence?


One of my goals is to be available to my clients in ways that are most convenient for them so I offer a variety of ways to contact me. If you have any questions you can reach out to me via my contact form, call me, or you can schedule a 1 hour FREE phone consultation. Better yet, go ahead  and fill out the new project form by clicking the button below to get started.

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