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Visual Brand Identity Service

It's For You If:

  • You realize the necessity to create a unified brand identity that stands out from your competitors.

  • You read about my brand style guide and recognize that it rules out inconsistencies in your visual communication with your target customers. 

  • You want central guidelines that support your small business vision and mission. 

  • You desire to set standards and rules about your small business brand for future marketing campaigns.

  • You yearn to portray confidence in your small business.

  • You comprehend that your brand identity enables customers to immediately recognize your small business both on and offline. 

  • You want to make sure new employees use your brand material correctly.

  • you realize the importance of consistency and focus in your small business.

  • You are aware that a brand style guide can support marketing initiatives and reduce marketing costs.

  • You understand that a consistent visual brand identity goes hand in hand with creating your small business strategic short and long-term goals. 

  • When you look at my portfolio, you see how my style is unique and you want something unique to your small business too. 

Deliverables for Visual Brand Identity

Strategy icon

The objective of this phase is to solidify your small business mission, vision, and tagline/slogan. I will provide feedback after you have completed the toolkit for these processes if necessary. If not,  I will examine your current small business mission, vision, tagline/slogan to make sure they align with your short and long term goals.

DELIVERABLE  1 - contextual branding document

DELIVERABLE  2 - 3 mood boards with 2 revisions 

How I Can Help

I offer a visual brand identity service that includes creating a comprehensive brand style guide for your small business that incorporates both contextual and visual brand elements that align with your current and future strategic goals. My background, experience, and education in small business administration, internet marketing, leadership and management enable me to encompass the big picture for small businesses. Is it time to create or evaluate your online presence?


One of my goals is to be available to my clients in ways that are most convenient for them so I offer a variety of ways to contact me. If you have any questions you can reach out to me via my contact form, call me, or you can schedule a 1 hour FREE phone consultation. Better yet, go ahead  and fill out the new project form by clicking the button below to get started.

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