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Brand Style Guide

Suppose someone told you that you have 30 minutes to create a perfectly-cooked Beef Wellington.

If you’ve never heard about it before, a Beef Wellington is a filet of beef tenderloin that’s carefully assembled with liver pâté, mushrooms, and onions, then wrapped in puff pastry. Yeah, you’re going to need a recipe. And once you have that, you’ve got to make sure that the ingredients are just right.

Creating brand communications pieces is kind of like cooking such a multilayered dish. You’re constantly going to need a set of rules, instructions, and a complete set of assets (ingredients) to make sure that the flavors stay true. That’s where the brand style guide comes in: it provides a clear handbook to share your brand’s visual symbols, value story, and communication strategy.

The Creative Process of a Brand Style Guide

Brand style guides come in many formats and are created in many different ways. This is one reason I really love doing brand style guides - it allows me to be as creative as I can. I have created style guides in many different programs over the years and I can say that I loved them all. From using Adobe InDesign, Adobe Express, PowerPoint, multiple video creation programs, Canva…even Microsoft Word back in the day.



With that being said, I decided that I would show my brand style guide in several formats on this page. It shows the range of creative ways to display your visual brand identity. And it also will give you an idea of some of the deliverables I offer in my branding package. See more about branding here.


First, I have a YouTube video I created and embedded into my website. Next is just a JPG but it links to a public Canva presentation so make sure to click the picture to check that display and go ahead and rate that too if you will. Next, I have embedded a Google Drive file in PDF format. Since this guide is fairly large and I didn't want it to scroll all the way down the page, just click the arrow in the top right corner and it will open for you in the browser. Finally don't miss the photo album at the bottom with all of my branded social media elements which is another service I offer.


I hope you enjoy this creative work and I look forward to working with you. Reach out to me and let's see if we are a great match. Or if you already know you are digging my unique style, then why not fill out the new project information form? Either way, I will get back to you soon. 

My Brand Style Guide

 YouTube Video
Brand Style Guide

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 Canva Presentation
Brand Style Guide

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 Google Drive PDF Brand Style Guide

My Social Media Branding Graphics

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