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A Little About Me

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I am Holley Jacobs and have many passions, goals, and dreams I am pursuing. I am an avid collector of amazing photos from all over the world. I love quotes, music, learning something new every day, traveling, networking, volunteering, writing, photography, piercings, creativity of all kinds, tattoos, and spending time with my loved ones. I love being creative and learning and wish the same for others. I love to share with my friends, family, networking partners, and anyone interested in establishing great conversations and learning experiences. Join me in discovering, promoting, and enjoying the world wide web.

My Education

I strive on training my brain to use both the analytical and creative sides. I believe in lifelong learning and growth through all stages of life. I collect and share quotes as well as design digital art to unwind and find my peaceful place. I enjoy volunteering and helping others. I started my career as a nurse and then went back to college at 36. I obtained my Bachelor's in Business Administration majoring in Internet Marketing/New Media and my Master's in Management majoring in Leadership. You can see my academic work online.  My love for design started during my bachelor's program and I taught myself how to design websites and other graphic material including branding across all mediums.

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My Volunteering

I have volunteered with many non-profit organizations that help children, promote positive parenting skills, prevent and raise awareness about domestic violence, and other organizations that serve those who have Autism/Asperger's in my home state of Virginia, Nebraska, and online. I pride myself on being good at networking and making connections that will benefit all parties involved. My values are the cornerstone of my being. I hold steady to them and live my life in this manner. I am an open and honest person. Values and ethics go with those same characteristics. You will always know where you stand with me.

My Work

I am a freelancer who believes wholly that everyone should embrace being a life-long learner. In doing so, it has taught me valuable lessons. It has also given me a broad range of skills that are in high demand across the United States. I can cross over into strategic business goals and predictions but also have vast knowledge in web and graphic design, social media marketing, content marketing, and branding. These are serious needs because of the distance that is usually seen between the business side of a company and the technology/design side of the company. I firmly believe that when we put it all together, we will have made a contribution to future generations' professional opportunities.



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I help businesses with their strategic goals by creating a unified and consistent brand in all online and offline marketing avenues. We will establish branding elements that revolve around your mission and vision statement, slogan, emotions, and values related to your company. After we have all of your brand elements in place, we will collaborate to create your website that will incorporate all elements above. Finally, I work with businesses to set up their social media channels to include optimization for the best return on investment and graphics that match the company brand. You can find most of my work in my graphic design portfolio.

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My Passion for Traveling

About 13 years ago, I decided that while I dream of traveling and seeing the beautiful places on this earth, I would start a photo blog on Tumblr. It is a bucket list kinda place where I could pretend that I was in faraway places until such time life allowed me to actually fulfill this dream. I used the platform when I needed to take a step back from the real world and remember what it is I am working so hard to accomplish. I want people to feel a sense of peace when they venture onto the site. We all need a place to escape and I was happy to share my place with everyone. I gained over 100,00 fellow lovers of this beautiful earth. You can check it out on Beautiful World Bucket List.  I haven't kept up with it in some time but I am creating a new site that will be more robust and hopefully reach more people. 

My Person Matt

I actually fulfilled the traveling dream with my boyfriend and adventure partner, Matt. We live in our RV full-time and have shared many adventures traveling across the country from June 2020 to March 2021 (18,000 miles). We have more plans to continue traveling across the country and to places all over the world. Matt and I actually first met in high school. He would give me a ride to school because I hated riding the bus. We lost touch after high school but reconnected on Facebook some years later.

We were friendly on Facebook for many years, liking and commenting on each other's posts. Then, in 2019 our dog, Freedom brought us together and the rest, as they say, is history. On the same day that I posted a picture of my dog Freedom, stating that with extreme sadness, I needed to rehome him, Matt's dog had died when a car hit him. Matt requested to be the person I rehomed Freedom with and something in my gut said he was the right one even though I had almost a hundred people message me about Freedom. A week later Matt and I met to exchange Freedom.

 It was a very emotionally sad time for me and Matt was extremely compassionate and understanding. He told me that we would keep in touch and that he would send me pictures and updates on his and Freedom's adventures.   Over the next four months, Matt kept his word texting me several times a week with pictures and updates of him and Freedom. We started talking more and even though he was three hours away from where I lived, he eventually asked me out under the premise of me and Freedom rejoining. LOL! We have been together ever since, traveling and enjoying living our best life. See some of our adventures below.

Our Adventures

How I Can Help

I offer a visual brand identity service that includes creating a comprehensive brand style guide for your small business that incorporates both contextual and visual brand elements that align with your current and future strategic goals. My background, experience, and education in small business administration, internet marketing, leadership and management enable me to encompass the big picture for small businesses. Is it time to create or evaluate your online presence? Then check out my visual brand identity service and let's work together.

I can assist you in creating a website that focuses on your small business goals and metrics in mind.


Is it time to evaluate your online presence? Do you have questions first? Reach out and tell me your concerns and any questions. I will get back to you soon.


Not sure if a website is for you? Call me because I offer a FREE 1 hour phone consultation. We can evaluate and brainstorm about your current and future needs.


If you have a small business website already and aren't reaching customers as you want, I can help you redesign and develop your website to make it work for you. I offer two different website packages. If the full website package isn't for you, check out  the micro website package  and see if that fits your current needs. Just fill out the new project information form so we can get started.

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