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Jacobs Branding Graphics and Website Designs

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Small Business Solutions

Website Design & Development

I design and develop websites unique to small businesses' branding that meet their current strategic business goals with potential for expansion in the future.


Developing a brand is more than just a creative exercise; it's a discipline involving research and analysis, plus structured management and implementation. I help small businesses develop a brand that is consistent with their strategic business goals including company values and personality.

Visual Brand Identity Service

Branding and marketing go hand in hand. Marketing is building awareness and excitement about your brand and the products or services that generate sales for your company. Branding is how you express who your business is for and how you want consumers to view your company. Think of marketing as your business-generating strategy while branding is your overall approach to reaching your ideal clients.


Branding is one of the primary building blocks of your marketing strategy. Putting forth the effort, in the beginning, to understand and create your brand is one of the most important aspects of your business success. Please check out my visual brand identity service to see how I can help you achieve your branding goals and set you up for a successful business journey.​

Having your own place on the internet for your small business is critical. Your website is the place to show your customers why they should choose you and allows a convenient way for them to connect with you. There is both an art and science to website design and development. Every small business has different needs and wants for a website.


I offer two different packages for website design and development. The micro website package is great for new small businesses or for businesses that currently don't have a website. The full website package is for small businesses whose current website isn't meeting their needs or for businesses that are expanding their services/products.


One of my goals in designing websites for small business include your current strategic goals as well as possible future goals. Your website should grow as your business grows and you shouldn't have to start all over with another website. Please check out both website packages and let's begin this journey together.

Website Package Deals

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Social Media Management

I help small businesses with their social media management by setting up their social media accounts (or auditing current ones) and publishing content based on their social media goals (brand awareness, promotion, new customer reach, event and/or sales promotions, etc.). I also respond to reviews, engage with customer comments, and communicate with my clients about possible leads from their social media accounts.

Social Media Marketing Campaign Graphics

I offer small businesses social media graphics for all their social media marketing campaigns including (but not limited to) grand openings, sales promotions, upcoming events or courses, new websites, new locations, customer appreciation, or employee appreciation. All graphics will align with your business brand. Have an idea? Let's work together!

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